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Birth of an Alliance, new proyect

2008-11-17 01:42:53 by RyuuKiba

Hello! I suppose this being my first news post (and supposing this is an artist-personal news post and not some net-wide news post) I won't get much comments or anything... yet I DO have some news concerning my just-starting "Newgroundscareer", intended for anyone who wishes to read it and the few of you that look forward to a more timely planned animation than Khaul meets lhina.

I have allied myself with a friend of mine from "the world out of cyberspace", also known as real-life. Here in NG he is newcomer Dime Blade, soon to upload some gigs tothe audio portal. This alliance was named MoonBlade (after farmore deliberating than initially intended).

Now, Moonblade's got quite a number of future projects ranging from movie spoofs to actual mini series. Which f these will see the light of day, we don't know. For now we are working on a BIG debut, codenamed "ShadowEdge".
ShadowEdge is qite an ambitious miniseries project intended as a surprise for NGers, so I won't divulge anything about it. The release date well we really don't know, for we are taking our time with it; commenting every detail, perfecting stroyline, character, and art concepts. Ultimately we've come to be thinking of the project and how to perfect it nearly everyday and, though time consuming, it is promising to be a fun project to make and a far more fun project to share.
We'll try our best to give you the greatest entertainment and artistic piece our abilities let us... And well, now that I've given myself the time to think about it a bit, I could give you a temptive aproximation or goal for the project's release date that would be early, maybe mid 2009

As to Khaul and the rest of my OCs, I'll be working on some shorts about them from time to time, maybe I'll have something for christmas, who knows... it all depends on my free time and how much of it I have.

Furthermore I'm thinking on making some trailer-like animations about my literature projects and ideas that may take too long to even start being made... though I still doubt I'll have the free time to make any soon...

Well that's it for now... till next news post!

P.S. I really hope this is where I should write this... I'm still quite a n00b ^^u


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