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Unexpected change of plans? Project Delta C+4

2009-03-20 22:21:05 by RyuuKiba

Well, as the subject implies, there has been an unexpected change of plans, at least regarding my animations and story-writing... I can't reveal too much of all this until about a month from now... but I can say that my recent animation: Delta C+4 Teaser Promo is directly related to these events.

So, I'll talk about all that I can reveal of this "Project C+4".

It's a mainly 3D animated short film, in which all but the geometry of some of the trees is made entirely by me or consist of plygons (made by me) with googled photos as texture maps. The textures for the characters (seen in my user-page banner and in the promo teaser) were developed either manipulating 3DsMax's standard materials or Architecture Design MR materials.

The image I added is an early poster concept, but still presents my 6 main characters as well as 2 secondary characters. from left to right, they are Bruce, Steven, Oliver, Carl, Irene, and Tristan.

The only other thing I will reveal is the fact that the animation will be about 7mins long all in all, and will have action, romance, comedy... evrything LOL...

Till I can reveal more, thanks for reading.

(You can also follow my progress and see some of my publicity and concept images in my DA page: RK's DA PAGE in my gallery they are the images with a C+4 as a suffix.)

Unexpected change of plans? Project Delta C+4


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